Ich habe mich mal wieder verrechnet…

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… weil ich nicht mit Gott gerechnet habe.

Die Speisung der 5000 (zzgl. Frauen und Kindern) mit 5 Broten und zwei Fischen war rechnerisch nicht möglich.

Aber bei Gott funktioniert Mathematik ein wenig anders…

  1. 4. Juni 2016

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    I never have run a marathon, but I played Division 1 water polo in college so I think I know that feeling you’re talking about. As a challenge one year I swam 100 100′s (10,000 yards) on New Years Day, which took over three hours. I have never felt so amazing as getting out of the pool that day, and going on with the rest of my day.

  2. 4. Juni 2016

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    dato qualcosa per cui valesse la pena di andare. Sarà anche questo il motivo per cui … link all’articolo originale // Attenzione: tutti i contenuti vengono riprodotti in maniera parziale e sono proprietÃ

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